Thursday, January 21, 2010

why does my cat cry at night -- party due to old age and other condtions

I had a cat that yowled quite a bit during her final years of life. She was almost 20 when she passed away. She was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and had been put on medication for that condition. The yowling and crying took place primarily at night. I’d usually find her looking confused so I always thought that she was “lost”. I’d point her in the direction I thought she might have been heading (litterbox or food dish as examples) & most times she’d follow through & then I’d take her off to bed with me.

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hyacinth said...

We also have a senior cat (17) who crys loudly but not only at night. She had a blood test last year for thyroid problems, diabetes etc and nothing abnormal was found. We have noticed that she is deaf now so are wondering if that might be the problem, maybe also a bit of kitty dementia. Luckily she doesn't cry for long so it isn't too much of a problem and we are hoping it doesn't get any worse.